A Gaze Returned:The Zoo as Gallery

The following conversations took place in January 2013 between the artist Beth Savage and curator Katie Reid. In the course of these conversations Beth and Katie examined six topics relating to art, animals, zoos and galleries. They also each provided a text for each conversation relating to some aspect of their thinking about the topic, some of these can be read below.

These conversations provide a starting point for further thought, debate and artworks about these topics.

1. Value

Texts: Value Beyond Measure, Charles Eisenstein, Resurgence and Ecologist

Today we do not use the word ‘Dollars’, Superflex

2. Aesthetics

Texts: The Aesthetic Value of Animals, Glenn Parsons

Gadamer’s Aesthetics

3. Roles and Symbols

Texts: Why Look at Animals, John Berger, About Looking

The Art of Curating and the Curating of Art, Jens Hoffmann

4. Site, Situation, Proximity

Texts: The Postmodern Animal, Steve Baker

5. The Gaze

Texts: Thinking with Cats, David Wood, Animal Philosophy

6. Ethics

Texts: Neither Man Nor Stone, Luc Ferry, Animal Philosophy

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