Each Saturday from 29/06/13 to 03/08/13 I will be performing a work responding to the research I have conducted during my residency at Camperdown Wildlife Centre. All events are free, just ask at reception.

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The Hunt

29/06/13 Roseangle Cafe 6.30pm

A hunting horn sounds; a mournful tone. The slow considered stalking of the prey, prey that lays already motionless, dead on the ground. A gun. A bow. A knife. A cut. A mark. Anointing sweating brow. A raised heart beat. A rite of passage from the distant past. But now the urgency has gone, the necessity has faded with time. This age old narrative, played out has become a myth, a fairytale. No longer fact, no longer vital, no longer real. Ornamental blood is spilled. Romancing an idea, a misty eyed perspective.  This is a strange hunter. One who announces its presence, one confident of its absolute power. One who delights in a dance, in a ritual, in a role, playing and toying; this is not about survival this is about dominance.


06/07/13 Camperdown Wildlife Centre 12-3pm

Why do we lament the caging of some animals more than others? We happily keep budgies in cages but feel bad when we see a golden eagle in a zoo. Drawing on the myth of Icarus, songs about freedom and captivity and images of freedom which depict birds this durational performance will consider our captivation with the freedom of flight.

The Lynx Effect

13/07/13 Camperdown Wildlife Centre 12-4pm

Plans are afoot to reintroduce the lynx to Scotland. A shy and mysterious creature which keeps to the woodland and out of the limelight will soon be thrust into centre stage, the charismatic star of the rewilding campaign. It’s every move analysed to see not just what ecological balance its return will have but what economical benefit it may have as thousands of tourists flock to Scotland. The Ambassador Animal, a cure all pill, this performative installation will provide a tantalising glimse of an alternative landscape.

Intergalactic Wanderer

20/07/13 Camperdown Wildlife Centre to Mills Observatory 12-4pm

The Lynx constellation is faint and difficult to see, so named as you need the keen eyesight of a lynx to see it. This constellation holds a nomadic cluster of stars known as the Intergalactic Wanderer. In Europe reintroduced wolves have begun to migrate across the continent, following their natural roaming instinct and traversing man made boundaries. We attempt to control nature with science, technology but ultimately we cannot predict how our actions will pan out. Destination unknown, we continue to try to use biological agents to shape the world and counteract problems we create. The Intergalactic Wanderer will migrate from Camperdown Wildlife Centre to the Mills Observatory making performative interludes along the way.*

*Bring plenty of water and some food, we will share a picnic on arrival at our destination. A lot of the route is uphill so please bear this in mind if you have mobility issues but we will be taking it at a gentle pace.


27/07/13 Camperdown Wildlife Centre 1-2pm

There is a gap in the landscape where wolves once roamed but they still live in our minds, in our language and our folklore. Vilified in Christian imagery, the wolf represents deception and fraud, a threat to purity and virtue. Now to some, the wolf represents a threat to the domestic, an un-controllable wild element that will decimate the order and control of man over beast. The werewolf feeds on our fear of the wild nature within ourselves and all the while the pious flock moves across a manicured landscape quietly suppressing the wilderness, consuming all in its path. Perhaps the real wolf in sheep’s clothing is already here?

Tails of Love and Woe

03/08/13 Camperdown Wildlife Centre 12-4pm

How do we relate to animals that we have only encountered in stories? We have grown up with perceptions of animals instilled in us by our cultural background but more often than not these perceptions say more about us than they do about the animal. Often our experience of a real life encounter does not tally with our mental image; we are disappointed to find the ‘big bad wolf’ is more like a dog. How will our experience change if we encounter these stories and these animals in the same place?


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